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    2 weeks slimming plan

    wat is TRA?
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    i added u to msn le.. by the way, i am not a btb..married close to 3 years already.
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    all the while i am so heavy one. i don't look bah bah just heavy.
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    i am exercising regularly. i am thinking to watch my diet. do you have any advise what should I eat? i am now, 49kg, height is 153cm. i wish i am 47, i am happy liao. my exercise is 3 times, 30 mins run or cycle. heart rate average is 132 - 152per min. then go for dance class 2 times weekly...
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    i wish i can lose 2kg...not worth to go accunpunture...i can't endure the pain also.
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    it has been a long time i have not login...
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    why r u selling amore package? is it that they are not good?
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    hi girls, I am wondering for accunpuncture, will it re-bounce? I am also interested in slimming..
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    Chatters outing huh...
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    PLS DO NOT BREED! search more about breeding before attempting.
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    Any Good Driving Instructors to recommend?

    oh dear... hi truth sharer, when is ur driving test? I wish you all the best. personally i do not trust school instructor.
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    Any Good Driving Instructor - For refreshing course

    hi, i am looking for refresher instructor who is in west (jurong/boon lay / buikit batok. pls PM me. many thanks.
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    Hamsters: advice required

    you can find their food easily from pet shop. as the shop assistant, they can help u. buy those from japan better, can control their urine smell. by the way, they sleep during day time, so how to keep ur granny company? they are very aloof animals. i suggest you read up more.
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    Hamsters: advice required

    hello loveblooson having hamster needs commitment also. i have 2 at home, one syrian and one campbell russian. you can visit singapore pets channel, SPCA, Singapore hamsters forum to look for adoption. pls try to adopt and do not buy from pet shop not because to save money, but there are...
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    07/07/2007 - hot date for ROM?

    how time flies...its 2 years... happy belated anniversary!
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    For All dog lovers

    i dun have papillion..but i love it a lot!!!
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    For All dog lovers

    mine is 6 months old..girl.
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    hihi bABY baby you forgot me liao huh? :P
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    $20k for Jurong West Executive possible?

    too bad...people hard sell! last sunday, there is a offical opening of resident corner at 656D, anyone attended?
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    Problems with In-Laws

    its ture that staying with in laws will have a set of problems. as long as your MIL is OK that your FH stay with your parents after AD will be fine. now, looking for flats is hard so your MIL should understand that.