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    Is a healthy sex life vital for marriage? Need help!

    hey, don't keep on comparing with your ex.. If that is the case, might as well go back to your ex.
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    I finally found someone

    Hi Astrogirl, Can email me the song? [email protected] Thanks.
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    Problem sleeping with hubby snoring

    Hii all, For your info. I am a snoring patient too. Went to see Dr in poly and was then referred to TTSH. At TTSh, they scheduled me for a sleep sturdy and found out that I suffered from OSA- Obstructive sleep apnea which caused us to stop breathing in our sleep. My report indicated that in...
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Hi Celine, I have never stay in Asia before.. but did went to their lobby area... From the lobby area.. it is ok to me... If you want to go MBK, you can take the BTS cost about 10-15 bahts. moreover, the hotel has a direct connecting bridge to the station.. don't be...
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    Bangkok - Samran Place Hotel, Good ???

    Hi, Just came back from BKK and satying in Samran place.. You can take a taxi from Airport to Samran place. But a piece of advise.. go by meter rather then a fixed price... I took a taxi from Samran to Airport cost around 177b meter fare pls about 60b of Tollway charges. So some of the...
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    Chin Leng or other moderators, please take note

    Chin Leng, Can help me to delete my posting.