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    Urgent - need divorce lawyer

    Hi there life_is, contact my friend, Mr Ke, at 64717203, he is from HOH lawyers, Redhill branch.
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    Rubber or Pills or ???

    AvocadoAddict: it may not be advisable to use the morning after pill on a long-term basis as there are side effects (I have taken it myself a couple of times). I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except in the case of emergencies. Janet, you might want to speak to your gynae or GP a little bit...
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    Anyone interested learning tango..

    If you want to learn Argentine Tango, you can also try learning at En Motion Dance Studio. Cheers!
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    Witty, 'polite" insults wanted

    And in response to the above: "...You mean we were friends in the first place?"
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    How did you meet your lover/spouse?

    momo: Yeah, I used to have this animated shark icon, which I liked a lot (I know it's weird, but I feel sorry for it now that it's gone...) And the oh-oh sound was cute! Though it always alerted my parents to the fact that I wasn't exactly online to download my readings. Milo: I guess online...
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    How did you meet your lover/spouse?

    I met my hb in church, when we were both studying in the uni together. We chatted a lot over ICQ, and started studying together. Got together 4 months after we first met, he proposed 7 months after that, and we got married 3.5 years later, in July 2007. Momo: lol... the good old days of ICQ.
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    Leapin' Lizards

    Well I can't comment on the MTM service for their shoes, but I'm a regular customer of their dance heels, and I can say that the quality is pretty good. I used my dance shoes on an almost daily basis for a year before they finally wore out (and trust me, dancing can really wear out one's shoes)...
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    Urgent! Job for Students! Pls Help!

    Lya, post it at another forum, like, there should be a few there who can make it.
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    Afraid to take wedding photos

    candledreams: I wish there was photoshop in real life too! I'd liquify my fat tummy and arms and push them in, and healing brush my acne scars... heh heh heh but since there isn't, just have to live with it and make the best out of it! Maybe one more thing to bring to the photoshoot, and...
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    Afraid to take wedding photos

    Hi candledreams, I can sort of understand, as my eyes are also uneven (and obviously so). It also bugged me, especially when I took photos; you could immediately see that my left looks bigger. But honestly speaking, unevenly sized eyes aren't as uncommon as you think. My husband has unevenly...
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    Need to divorce my wife to save my health !, Advice needed

    John, Counselling will continue to NOT work for you as long as you're hoping that the social worker will point out what's wrong (both with your wife and with yourself) and point you to the solutions, simply because that's not what a social worker is supposed to do. The whole point of the...
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    Interacial Marriage - Does it work?

    Hi alsy, I can't help you much with regards to point (1), but with regards to point (2), you may want to look up the ROM website: Nothing to prevent you from filing a notice of marriage with ROM even if both of you aren't citizens...
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    Cant forget the past.. anyone got good advice?

    No la, Milo... she's not reacting to my posts... at least I don't think she is (if she is, well, I couldn't care less). I do object to the remark she made about Iris, though. Jill, since you want us to help you find ways to accept your bf's past, why don't you try this. You think about how...
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    Cant forget the past.. anyone got good advice?

    I think your reaction shows that your previous thread's got quite a lot to do with it. Iris found your post and you immediately get upset about it. Since you don't like people dragging up your past, why are you doing it to someone else? And worse yet, to someone you profess to love? How does...
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    Cant forget the past.. anyone got good advice?

    Jill, Okay, 2 months ago you came here posting that you didn't want to lose your bf, although you had been by your own admission a crap gf and he'd just about given up, after umpteen chances. Apparently he's given you another chance and you've gotten back together (unless you've found a new...
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    My boyfriend does not shave everyday. Help!

    powder, Sean Connery is *yum*, think he looks better in old age as compared to younger (and yes, that beard ups his lao-yandao factor) :P depends on how it's groomed I feel. Maybe TS bf looks like Gimli-type, then she want a Legolas-type one... hahaha
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    My boyfriend does not shave everyday. Help!

    Crystal, Yes, you are too demanding. WTH???? Hello, he is a site supervisor, not a CEO of a Forbes 100 company, who is he supposed to impress at work with his appearance? The bangla workers he's supervising? The building?? Relax la. Tomasulu, nice one. haha Powder, even the teachers in...
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    Let's talk about Food

    Hullo all, can I join in too? little poppets, I think I know which char kuay teow you're talking about. Okay only nia. The zi char stall just behind it is not bad though.
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    Anyone using Substance Interior Design

    Jenson, all I can say is, engage at your own risk. One of these days I'll post up my bathroom pics to show you what happened.
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    Heartbreaking story to ready

    I know... it's times like these that you really feel helpless... is there some way that we can help raise funds for her?