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  1. uglydude

    Choice at 42

    Choosing B is a good idea....once he has enough of you....he will dump you....10 years different is just way too far apart.....And woman once they hit is game over for them ... every part of their body will be sagging....:D:D:D
  2. uglydude

    Seeking Individual sense of thoughts

    Guys are attracted to a woman physical appearance just like woman are attracted to a man's financial if a woman says that men are is like the pot calling the kettle black.....Wat a joke....:D:D:D
  3. uglydude

    What should I do?

    2013 thread still got people bother to post......zzzZzz
  4. uglydude

    Dating with expats... need some advice

    Another asian toy girl for the expat here....Once he has enough of is down the rubbish chute for you....:D:D:D
  5. uglydude

    Need advices desperately

    I think that it would be better if you go thru a lawyer to apply for deed of separation.....doing it yourself is possible just like divorce but it involves a lot of filling, paperwork...blah you are better off finding a proper lawyer to do this..... As for your extra marital...
  6. uglydude

    Need advices desperately

    Of coz you can apply for the deed of long as you don't mind waiting for another 3years or so....and that is also on the basis that the housing issues blah blah have been settled.....if not going to court will takes a long time for the divorce to be finalize....:D:D:D
  7. uglydude

    Need advices desperately

    My friend did it for 4k for a no contest divorce....another spend over 20k just for court fee for a contested divorce......and she also end up paying the hubby 100k just to end the make sure your hubby willing to divorce first before even commencing on the divorce
  8. uglydude

    Odds that she will talk to me

    I think that it is extremely important to be open about your marital status and past before you start a relationship. I have a friend who was turned down because he went thru annulment before...even I was surprised....there are some girls out there who actually do mind about such...
  9. uglydude

    Disadvantages of being a divorcee?

    End of the day....being a divorcee has its advantages as least you know that whoever accept your past and choose to be with you will be someone with a bigger heart compare to those that don't....
  10. uglydude

    Advice on divorce proceedings

    No one ask you to be her ATM machine....who ask you to be so stupid to carry on giving money to her....stop giving money to her and if she scold you, scold her back la.....who ask you to act like a wimp.....Eventually she will realize she is getting nowhere and will be pushing for the...
  11. uglydude

    Odds that she will talk to me

    You committed adultery .... what more is there to say .... u should date her only after ur divorce is finalized ... leave her alone to her thoughts .... let her choose whether to leave u or continue on with u ...
  12. uglydude

    Where to go from here?

    A man will change for u if u are worth it....but if u are a crappy woman...dun ever expect any man who is with you to change for are better off dying alone.....
  13. uglydude


    I personally think that annulment should never be void....The fact that an annulment occurs must be made known...coz I got a lot of friends who view annulment much worse than divorce...and the truth is people who annulled their marriage are worse than those who divorced...annulment clearly...
  14. uglydude

    In Laws, In Laws.... Different Perspective? Or just simply Bias?

    You are definitely one of those fighting for the wrong cause...coz each and every election opposition loses....if u are so right....the opposition would not have lost every single election...not forgetting the quality of crap candidates they field...there was a year which there was a guy wearing...
  15. uglydude

    In Laws, In Laws.... Different Perspective? Or just simply Bias?

    I think only whiners will complain about PAP...the government has did a very good job running the country...if u are not earning enough...starting asking yourself why this is so instead of blaming the world....coz I sure have no problem with the housing price here or the standard of living in...
  16. uglydude


    People might this way initially...but if the person takes time to know u....she will eventually knows that you are the good guy mah and ur ex wifey is at fault la.....wat's the point of being with someone who pre judge u and dun even bother to take time to know u...
  17. uglydude


    I think must have the marital status "Divorcee" bah....some girls are very much against being with someone who is divorce mah .... especially people who are divorce dun have a tendency to remarry if they went through a bad experience .....Especially those that pay out tons of alimony woh.....So...
  18. uglydude

    My ex-MIL is a real pain even though we don't stay together

    You must have suffer heavy abuse in her hands....but at least ur MIL is no longer in ur life woh....:D:D:D
  19. uglydude


    I think that it is good that ROM not remove the marriage record...coz some of the people out there are very much against people who annulled their marriage...Actually to me annulment is worse than divorce...Coz divorce at least shows both parties put in efforts but things dun work...
  20. uglydude

    Unsure about wedding

    Divorcee got stigma ah? Din know a lot of friends that are divorcee....but to them like nothing woh.....:D:D:D