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    Any teachers here?

    Hi Berrie I'm staying at Punggol 21. Interested too. Pls email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Hiya Linda Me too, please! Many thanks! [email protected]
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    Chin Leng or other moderators, please take note

    Hi "uncle" Chin Leng Loong time no see and tok! So happy to hear that u are a DADDY now :-) CONGRATZ to u and blee and send my regards to her too! Cheerios!
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    Cooker Hobs/Hoods

    Hello :-) Another brand that u may like to check out is "Rhoyxon". They've been ard for almost 10 yrs plus and is quite a reliable Italian brand. Heard that they are having some really good promos now. My cousin who is using Fujioh currently, kinda regrets getting it. She claims that the...
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Hi Gerls I f u have picked HIPV or still considering, u have made ze RIGHT choice!!! My wedding was on 16 Dec'01 and it was worth every cent we had paid! For a non 5 star hotel, the food was very good (picky relatives and even frens commneted that for once the hotel food was GOOD!) and the...
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Allo Allo Hi Levi : Wat a coincidence!!!Mabbe we'll chance upon each other in Punggol someday! Did u get the pkg at promotion rate? Can I noe your pkg dtls? Thanks hor :-> Hi Carol : My selected block is 641C, I think that plot of land is pretty close to yours! Hi Dove ...
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Hi Dove & Carol My wedding's this 16 Dec'01. So far, I've not gotten any bad feedback or horrible cmmts abt the food, co-ordinators or the ballroom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed till my wedding day's over! The only thingy that is wurrying me now is the "temp" in the ballroom...
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Hi Dove Yes... :-> also a HIPV bride.
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    Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre

    Hi Dove Try talking to Jasmine. She's very soft-spoken and pleasant to work with. So far, she has been pretty accomodating and is not the pushy-pushy type. HIPV's wedding pkgs are really a good-value-for-money deal. The crystal ballroom looks really nice and romantic when its all decked...
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Hi if its any help, I have an email from them with the pkg price and menu. Its $768 +++ for a min. of 35 tables for weekends and 30 tables for weekdays. Perks are 2 nights stay with gourmet b'fst, 1 barrel of beer, food-tasting etc. You can contact [email protected] for more...