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  1. Cimorene

    Fortune teller recommendation - for calculating good wedding dates?

    For us he replied almost immediately, but I guess we smsed at the right time. If he's talking to ppl then prob will take awhile. He talked for 45 mins when we collected our dates.
  2. Cimorene

    Fortune teller recommendation - for calculating good wedding dates?

    The number I called was 9067 5008. That was abt 2 years ago tho.
  3. Cimorene

    (2014/11) November 2014

    I'm having solemnization at ROM itself. PS done, waiting for BS to edit the photos n do layout. Parents have met, now headache is trying to figure out what we need to buy for GDL, do childhood montage, settle invites, choose AD gowns...
  4. Cimorene

    Wedding bands

    Not sure about the engagement rings, but our pair of wedding bands cost just below $2k. They having sale now tho, u can go take a look. =)
  5. Cimorene

    Honeymoon expense and length

    What we did was start with the budget then decide where and how long. Eg if u have budget of $10k, if u wanna go Europe maybe u can go for 1+ week, vs if u go a cheaper country can be longer. Also depends the type of honeymoon u looking for like backpacking or stay nice hotels. My suggestion...
  6. Cimorene

    Anyone in same situation as me?

    Alternatively, you could have a simple ROM first followed by a banquet maybe in a year or two?
  7. Cimorene

    hot yoga to lose weight

    Changi City Point has a lot of sports outlets. I like bods body knits stuff. They sell those yoga pants at $20 each after discount. Need to buy 3 pairs tho.
  8. Cimorene

    Bridal car rental

    Slightly less than $700 for a cabrio, collect Friday return on Monday. Need to self drive tho, so if u need driver then prob not suitable ba.
  9. Cimorene

    Bridal car rental

    I'm renting a MINI from transeurokars. Think is quite cheap, compared to other rental companies out there.
  10. Cimorene

    Wedding bands

    And the service is so good! I was served by a Japanese lady. She even bowed us out of the shop haha. Needless to say, Japanese level of service. She smsed us to inform us when our rings reached japan, then again when it reached SG. Went to collect and she actually recognized us. Didn't even need...
  11. Cimorene

    (2014/11) November 2014

    Same... Now with the haze some more, donno if shd start looking for indoor venues instead...
  12. Cimorene

    How many Wedding dress is enough???

    Actually these qns u will need to ask the BS, cos diff BS diff policy. Some the PS will be ur AD dress, some allow u to choose diff dresses. But normally AD will have 1 white gown and 1 evening gown. Photoshoot no of gowns will depend on BS. Most gowns are adjustable but depends how much...
  13. Cimorene

    Simple ROM

    Thanks cowmoo for the update! V useful. =D So u spent abt 45 mins at ROM incl waiting and the ceremony itself? Thinking of hiring PG, so trying to see how long we need.
  14. Cimorene

    (2014/11) November 2014

    I've chosen my PS gowns alr, taking photos in May.
  15. Cimorene

    Chinese Customary, Solemnization & Wedding lunch in a single day

    My friend did tt and her itinerary was like this: Gatecrash at bride's house Go to groom's house Go to hotel for solemnization Tea ceremony for both sides at hotel Banquet Will work if u don't have a long gatecrash, and if u don't have a lot of relatives to jing cha. I decided to ROM on...
  16. Cimorene

    Helper for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    Hmmm prob depends if u need help with dressing? Eg if urs is lace up gown. If ur hubby doesn't know how to help u, then better get someone to tag along ba.
  17. Cimorene

    Helper for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    Diff bridal studio charge diff rate. Have heard ranges from $100 to $288, u need to check with ur BS. For me the MUA is not just to help w the dressing, but also to change hairstyle n touch up make up, maybe also help the photographer to do things like throw the gown for effect n stuff. To me is...
  18. Cimorene

    Helper for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    I'm paying for my MUA to come with me for the day, maybe u can try tt too?
  19. Cimorene

    Unsure about wedding

    I think it's still ok if he intends to only take a short break. Everyone needs a break after awhile, and maybe his job is really that bad? Gg home on time doesn't necessarily mean a good thing, it could be tt he really can't take it anymore / don't care anymore, so even if can't finish just...
  20. Cimorene

    In Laws, In Laws.... Different Perspective? Or just simply Bias?

    Possible to stay at ur parents place for now? At most just stay separate from ur hubby for awhile.