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    3 Most Common Reasons Couples Fight?

    Stumbled upon this website: Interesting that the 3 most common reasons are: 1. $$$ 2. Housework 3. In-laws I think if most of the above don't work out, men/women will then start looking elsewhere? My...
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    What's the most romantic thing you ever did for someone?

    Whether it's a proposal, during dating etc!
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    CNY Resolutions?

    CNY is approaching...any CNY resolutions from anyone?
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    Whose fault?

    Okay here the story goes...I'll try to summarise... My hub cooked for me while I'm at work..I returned home late only to see that my share of dinner was half-eaten by him. I was upset and asked why he ate my share. He said he didn't know if I'm coming home at all to eat since I'm so late. I...
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    How to curb the F1-demon in him?

    Hi ppl, it's my turn to seek help having posted in many threads here giving ppl advice and sharing my personal experiences. My hubby, in my eyes, is perfect except for one big big flaw and that is he has this 'F1-demon' in him when he's on the road driving. Generally when it comes to driving...
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    Let's share the little things that keep the marriage alive!

    Just thought of exchanging the little things that you say or do with your partner that keeps the marriage alive here! Yes, no matter how mushy or trivial in others' eyes, just share them here! :-) I'll go first...and I'll cite a brief sms conversation I had with my Hubby that I thought was...