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  1. pokiepokie

    Bali Pre wedding photoshoot

    Hi all, My fiance and I are looking to have our pre wedding photoshoot in Bali. The scenery looks really gorgeous. Has anyone been there for their photoshoot recently? I have a couple of questions to ask: 1) Does any one have any recommendations or tips on whether we should hire a local...
  2. pokiepokie

    WTB Conrad Dinner 2018

    Hi all, Looking to buy any dinner packages for Q4 2018 for Conrad. PM if you are interested to sell (: Thanks!
  3. pokiepokie

    WTB: Wedding Banquet (Dinner) 2018

    Hi Ladies, looking for any packages on wedding dinner banquets in 2018. For dates available in second half of the 2018. Interested in unique locations as well. PM me (: