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  1. 4te3n

    Not to go there ever again.

    Earlier this month they had a sale of gowns. (well know boutique) Each couple was only given 15 mins to select and purchase. It was a rush and I was forced to make a decision on the spot. Telling me that if there's anything about the gown, I can bring it back to the shop. The sales person...
  2. 4te3n

    What should I prepare for solemnization?

    Hi all, I need some guide as to what should I prepare for my solemnization. My HTB and I had decided to solemnize at ROM office in May. Following are the questions I have: 1)Do I need to prepare angbao for the in-house JP ? 2)Will my guest be seated or standing? Appx 20 pax. 3) is hand...