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    Combing Hair Session for AD

    Hi all BTB any ideas how this combing hair session is done coz I will be having mine next sun for my AD. Pls advise if you have go thru...million thanks
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    A Relax Room for the BTB to release their stress!

    Hey all BTB I created this thread is to gather all the BTB to release their stress,fustration for the upcoming wedding....recently I am busy preparing for my wedding and really stress when the date is near..morever I am also working...double stress..need to relax....feel free to vent all...
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    Check List for Guo Da Li

    Dear all I am a newbie here. I will be getting married in Nov 2007. So busy with the wedding preparation and so much thing to prepare..can anyone share with me the "Guo Da Li" mum wan the "Long Feng La Zu" should this bought by mum or my husband