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    How much must a couple earn to maintain car and maid

    Just think of how often you bring your dad out? does the number of time travelling in cabs for that purpose justify you with buying a car? I think the answer is clear..:-)
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    Future Father-in-law cannot compromise on a venue.. What can I do? Please advise..."

    Hi Rebeana, QianXi has braches in Hilltop (Bukit Batok CSC), you can try there and I heard they have open a new branch in the west too. Check it out...If your dinner venue really need to be in the western part of spore..
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    Hi Eoj, can i have the contact of your agent please. Possible to email me at: [email protected] Thanks.
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    Why is he scared to commit?

    did it occur to you that he wants to clear his debts before committing to you in marriage? or that his CC debts are huge beyond his means to repay??
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    How much cash-on-hand is enough for a simple wedding

    10K should be enough. A simple BS probably cost abt 3K plus with OTR gowns. Most of the BS will request you to top up pictures after you view your Photoshoots pics. That's where the real test comes...stand firm or else you will overspend on BS packages. That's why, it's important to negotiate...
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    Anyone else learning driving?

    Any good auto geared car instructor to recommend? Am looking for 1. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Trapped and Stranded

    There is always light at the end of a tunnel. Where There seems to be no way, God will make a way. Just want to encourage you. Move out if you must..Maybe, until they lose you,they will look back and realise that they are the ones who drive you away .... Show them you can live well in...
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Dear gals,.. Remember your FH likes you for who you dun be too worry about losing weight..just be yourself and enjoy ur wedding preparations... big woman can be beautiful too... Enjoy the process...else when you looked back in time, u can only remember names of diet pills...Good luck!
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    Violent abuse

    It's going to be hard.. He's probably angry cos he loved you much and there you are..saying that you dun and are still trying to love him. He probably felt hurt and short changed there and then. Forgive him and have a good trash out session. From there, conclude if you guys shld stay on...
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    hi Ling, U looking for Photographer? I enagaged the footprint. contact: 94891496 Like their service and reasonable rates. They are friendly and accommodating too.. Worth checking them out.
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Look for Elson..He's my make up artist cum co-ordinator. he should remember me lah..Emiline
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    SY - start browsing bridal Mag, if you come across styles yoiu like, keep a copy, show them to your designer and discuss what styles suit you best. It will be better if you can try some gowns off the rack, mSize may not fit but at least can see the styles for yourself. then decide what design to...
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Ranger!! Let's "eat" Turkey tonight!! Yeah!
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    Anyone else learning driving?

    Any1 has good pte instructor at BBDC to recommend? Thanks. [email protected]
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Thanks Yuan for sharing..hmmm Pant suits..very unconventional way...You are pretty as long as u feel confident in it...and Glad your day was enjoyable and memorable..:-)
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    Advice for PLus Size brides gd.. when I free i go upload my dinner pci on Multiply too..can share share seee... mak mak...u finally appear liao..cannot be too busy leh! must hv time for us. Thanks for ur pen, i passed on your good will to others liao..will pass the pen to my frd for her wedding in June nxt...
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    yo! where's all the Just married??? MIA??? make some noise...
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Thanks Melyn, I dun nid already over... Guess the other BTB can check out the webbie... Ling n Yuan, ur wedding also just over.. got pictures to show? Fun day right?? Mine will only be ready in 3 weeks time.. but would be away fro HM..
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Eternity321, Digio is good.. I have many praises on my gowns and styling.. Jesyln and Elson was my designer and MUA. They are good...No kidding! My advice to u when selecting gowns, when u see something u like, find out who's that designer.. then you will roughly know which designer u...
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Good Morning All! Thanks for the well wishes, Yup! I have just joined the Mrs Club! The wedding went very smoothly! The dinner was a success! I walked in gracefully... haha and nope, I didn't fell flat on my face! The solemnistion on stage was the most touching moments for me..So...