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    JP Wee Pang Kiat

    Has anyone engage JP Mr Wee Pang Kiat before? Just engaged him as my JP. Wanna find out how he's like (: Please help me ladies!!!
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    MUA for mothers and bridesmaid

    Hello all, Is there any MUA out there? Looking for affordable and good MUA for mothers and a sister before wedding dinner and sisters for the morning session. I have 6 sisters for the morning session. Please suggest any good MUA to me!! ((: Leave contact or email me at [email protected]
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    WTB: Wedding Dinner Banquet on 06SEP14

    Hello ladies, I'm looking for Wedding Dinner on 06sep14. Tables 15-20. Pls PM [email protected] Best regards, Jamie
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    Looking for AD photographer & videographer

    Hello all, I need help in looking for good and affordable photographer & videographer on 27 sep 14. Budget range at 2.5 to 3k? Please recommend and if possible, links with their portfolios help! Thanks so much!! jamie