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    Italy - Rome, Venice & Florence

    Hi anyone know is milan a must for Italy trip? btw where in Italy can we get cheaper branded stuff
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    Divorced Parents - How to phrase wordings?

    Thanks little foot, As the problem is all my relative saw MIL and the uncle when we are ROM so all of them don know about their relationship , i tel them he is my FIL. If i jus put my patents name in the invitation card all my relative will wonder how cum i dun put my in law name ...
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    Divorced Parents - How to phrase wordings?

    Dear all, i need your advise!! as my case problem is with my MIL, my FIL has passed away, now my MIL has been was cohabiting with one of the uncle many years ago and the uncle is married man. so now the problem is my MIL want us to print the invitation card is me and my hubby name only...
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    Hi ExcitedBali, I'm staying there only for 4D3N, my first visit to Bali. Yah, I'm also looking forward to the trip after reading through the threads... Still torn between the hotels... The agency strongly recommends Kuta Paradiso but from the websites, Hard Rock seems more appealing but...
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    Dear All, We're planning a trip to Bali mid of next month. Any idea on the weather there? Is it a monsoon period? Also, can anyone advise which hotel to stay: Kuta Paradiso, Hard Rock or Dynasty? All hotels are at Kuta. Appreciate any comments. Thanks
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    J&C Bridal Collections

    roro Are you a J&C bride too?
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    J&C Bridal Collections

    HI! Wenn, Shlek and apple Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. Are you guys all J&C brides?
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    J&C Bridal Collections

    Hi! Shelek and Apple Many thanks for your kind advice. Guess I feel much more assured of their service now. Btw may I know when do they usually allow customer to bring home the WG and the EG before their big day? Also would like to enquire whether they have many OTR men's suits? Thanks.
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    J&C Bridal Collections

    Hi! All Can anyone tell me about the services they encounter at J&C? I have been there and was rather impressed by their service. However, the things that are holding me back from engaging them are: 1) I don;t find their photoshoot really impressive (but I think I can still make do...
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Hi mint and flowee Thanks for sharing. so how do you find amenda service? from the other thread, heard that she is tempermental. any views on this? I would also like to find out more about the other make-up artist. anyone can help?
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Hi Anyone knows which make-up artist amenda tied up with? what is their diff style?
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    Choa Chu Kang Cresent / Yew Tee

    hi, may i know what is this activating of scv point about. if i don't subscribe to scv, do i need to activate? or it is for normal watching of tv?
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    How to address

    Hi hi. i would like to address couple friends by their names instead of "Mr & Mrs ABC" heard that this is not appropriate. can someone please share your views? i personally feel that "Mr & Mrs XXX" seem formal which i prefer not to but i am also worried that people are offended if i...
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    Admiralty Blk 688-690

    dear vincent, the lokang u mentioned near 3M is a toilet? must pay 10 cents? dear val, the fish is wat fish huh? mi loookin for Groupa and salmon....your fish sounds like an ang mo fish, nice to eat?
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    Yvonne Creative

    Hi i really needs advise from your gals. Have you heard of Preious Moment - any feedback to share? Dun know to take PS or Yvonne Creation. Thanks
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    Raffles Town Club

    Anyone has anything to share about Raffles Town Club. Package seems very expensive for a club