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    Where to buy heating pads in SG?

    ehh... pharmacies should sell.
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    Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.

    huh... u mean on 1 occasion i get 18 and the other 14 i must add 2 up den its 32? hmm... den wad 32 means?
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    Kuan Yin Temple at Waterloo Street.

    can someone help? i've gotten 18 and 14 for marriage
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    Is this normal

    call and check on status
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    Should i???

    Hope she's otw there!
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    Salary Issue

    for myside. the best i have gotten was last year aws+6mths variable. just 2weeks back i talked to a US MNC. they are willing to pay 40% more mthly but the yr end incentives werent that enticing aws+1mth variable is a standard. plus the work scope wouldnt give me enough exposure thus rejected...
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    How to check ur partner divorce records?
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    Survey: Wedding costs & budget

    am in the midst of planning for the wedding so far the expenses is as follows; proposal ring bought from a jeweller -$4.5k wedding bands frm lee hwa - $2.6k/pair wedding package Julia - $4k
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    P.I evidence

    just pay from ur own pocket. treat it like a movie ticket wadeva.. y drag on the thing. just divorce her and move on.
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    Sharing finances?

    for me is i propose us to set aside around 20% of our net income to be deposited to a joint. all expenses like utilities and groceries come from there. another account like 5-10% into it purely for savings only. remaining personal shopping is from own's pocket. we do maintain a separate...
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    Contraceptive Pill Really Work?

    wad abt IUD? wads the cost and effectiveness? how is it done?
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    Should I ROM???

    i respect u for making that decision. as a man also i feel that u've made this decision. if fail at least u 2 know u have at least tried. gd luck mate!
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    How you deal/feel when partner snores

    try using breath right. it works! at least for me...