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  1. lemonzil

    WTS: Brand New Samsung Ultra Wide Prime Lens & Mint Condition Sony Camera

    Two items for sale! 1) I have a 16mm F2.4 Ultra Wide Prime Lens (Brand New in Box) for sale. Just bought approximately 2 weeks ago (end Jan 15). Have not used. No intention to use. Bought at $479... open for resonable offer. Black in color. More product details found here...
  2. lemonzil

    Have you seen this dog?

    Hi, I know this is not a bride/wedding related topic/post. Please help to share/spread the message. This sweetie pie has been missing since yesterday evening and we are looking for her urgently. Last seen along Upper East Coast Road. If you happen to see her, please do contact us immediate...
  3. lemonzil

    WTB - 1 pair of SHE concert tickets on 26 Oct 13 (any cat)

    Looking for a pair SHE Concert tickets on behalf of friend. Pls PM me if you're selling. Black market sellers not welcome. Thanks!
  4. lemonzil

    WTS - Doggie Items!

    1. I have a 2nd hand The Dogit® Large Drinking Fountain for Dogs for sale at $130.00 (price negotiable). Product is as good as new, only used 2 weeks. Details/Features of the product can be found as below...
  5. lemonzil

    WTE: Hello Kitty Singing Bone for Witch

    Helping a friend to trade her singing bone for witch kitty. PM me for trade. Thanks!
  6. lemonzil

    Post Wedding items to let go!

    Hi everyone, I've some small items to let go at low price. Mostly are in good condition as below: 1. Red Fan x 2. Only one comes with the red handkechief. $15 and $10 respectively. 2. Wedding Couple Bear from I Do Weddings Event, comes with box. $8. 3. Purple Bow Ties x 5 $5.00 only...
  7. lemonzil

    Statutory Declaration & Document Verifcation

    Hi everyone, I have done my e-filing and was given the filing instructions which only indicated between 830 - 930am. Anyone knows if we still need to call in and make an appointment for the declaration? May I also know, how long will this process take?
  8. lemonzil

    BTO - Punggol Waterway Ridges

    Anyone applied for this BTO? Launched on 24 Nov 2011.
  9. lemonzil

    Feline Bridal Shop

    Hi, I'm a Feline Bride too. I signed up their TW package during a roadshow last Aug at Expo. I would like to update on my personal experince to date. Immediately the day after we had signed our packaged (we were rushing off), the boss herself dropped me an sms to follow up. I informed her that...
  10. lemonzil

    (2014/09) September 2014 BTB

    Hi, any Sep 14 brides here? Or am I too early?