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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    My coordinator was Xavier. Glad it was him because i find him a very patient and nice guy. Im having my wedding in Oct'13 and me and HTB feel safe with him. He gave alot of good suggestions that nv cross our minds! thumbs up!
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    Need advice

    I am sorry to hear that. I wouldn't think a family should be staying at 2 different places. From what I have read, the both of you have different perspectives. If can, please approach a marriage counsellor. It do works when you hear from a counsellor who would analysis issues on a different...
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    (2013/10) OCT 2013 BTB

    yes! finally! I slacked for a full month and now its getting back to all the wedding businesses again!
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    (2013/10) OCT 2013 BTB

    You want to consider changing a JP? I do not think he is sincere about it.
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    (2013/10) OCT 2013 BTB

    your solemnizer not picking up your calls? have you met him for a discussion already? im feeling pretty tense when i realised that my AD is in 1 mnth and 2 weeks time. BTW, mine is on the 19th Oct.
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    Post Wedding Sale - Oioigal

    Hi, is your Pink Heart Shaped Paper still available?
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    Sexless marriage

    Maybe you wanna go research for some interesting ways to arose her into sex? Be more sensitive of what she likes? Try to put in more effort in turning her on.
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    I don't think he's interested in proposing

    Don't think it that way. Probably he is waiting for a special moment to pop the question to you? My HTB bought the ring in June. Proposed in Dec.
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    (2013/10) OCT 2013 BTB

    Hi all, i also a BTB on the 19th Oct 13! Really looking forward to it!