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    Best Place to buy Bed / Wardrobe / Clothing Cabinet

    Hello everyone. Time to buy bed / wardrobe / clothing cabinet. So any idea of good place. go to IMM and surprise their price in every shop is higher then COURTS for orthorest complete set. Budget is tight and advice advice advice needed ...thanks
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    Solemnization package wanted. Suggestion / Discussion

    Hi Folks, As the topic said. I checked with Chevron on their solomnization it's $2888 lunch and then 50 people. seems good but heard there's cheaper and better but don't know where. Prefered west side near jurong east or bukit panjang. Organizer and people selling off their package due...
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    About Decree Nisi Absolute and Remarrying

    Hi everyone, First time to post here. I got some questions below and hope someone can advice me, yes I did asked the lawyers who is settling a case for me but just that, I still wanna seek some advices and answers from the forumer here. Ok. I met this lady 4 years ago. She's married... to...