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    Customised engagement ring advice?

    We did our customized ring with eClarity and we love it. Don’t think they would be willing to duplicate designs though because they have their own team of designers, and they have more than 200 designs instore for us to try on, we really enjoyed the experience.
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    Ring Finding

    You can definitely visit eClarity and look for Amanda and share all your questions, she is very professional can advise you better... Got my engagement ring from eClarity…
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    Custom-made Wedding Bands

    I customized my wedding bands from eClarity. You may send a message to 98331220 and see if you could get an appointment with Amanda. We like that they have many pairs of samples to try on so you get to know what you like better.
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    Engagement Rings

    Hi txr, I am currently looking for a lab grown diamond for fiancée as a surprise, my engagement ring, but not sure how much it looks like a earth mined diamond. Mind sharing a photo of your lab grown diamond ring?