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    Looking to take over wedding banquet (dinner) on 22 July 2018

    Hi, as per the subject title. PM me if you have any wedding banquet to let go. Thank you.
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    WTB bridal packages in July 2018

    Hi, Anybody selling off their bridal packages ...our wedding date in July 2018. Please PM 98584807 (Ada) 97119998 (GM)
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    WTB wedding banquet - 22nd July 2018

    Hi, Due to some personal reasons, i am holding my wedding on 22nd july 2018 (prefer dinner if have) Yes is JULY 2018. Looking for people who are letting go their wedding banquet on this day ! Pls PM 98584807 (Ada) or 97119998 - Mr.G PS: Also looking for bridal packages deal Thank you!