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    Divorce and hdb matters

    can someone help to clear my doubts? My divorce is in progress. I’m asking to take over the hdb. I’m 35 years old. No kids. The flat is under MOP. I have asked my lawyer, the chances of me taking over the flat is 50 50. I also asked hdb, hdb only gave me a standard reply which is “the...
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    Not sure what to do

    I and my Husband know each other for 8 years and married for 3 years plus. His temper is bad. Even during dating, he ever raised voice at me and pinch me whenever we had argument and can’t control his temper. I have been asking him to go for anger management course or stress management. And he...
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    Looking for malaysia videographer

    Looking for affordable videographer from JB? Anyone got recommendations? Email me @ [email protected]
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    WTS Aisle bridal package to let go

    Hi all, I have a package with aisle to let go, includes prewedding, rom, actual day and AD photography. Interested party kindly pm me.
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    Looking for videographer on ROM

    Looking for good and affordable videographer on my rom day, preferred style - begin with vows Includes morning session: fetching bride, gatecrashing, tea ceremony, and ROM. Budget around 1k to 2k. Drop me your quotes via my email [email protected] Thanks!!
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    Mandarin orchard package no perks included?

    Hi Im recently signed up wedding banquet with mandarin orchard during their wedding roadshow oct 2014, however i was told that additional perks do not applied when you have the wedding fair promotion during the contract signing. Is this normal? Does anyone encounter this?
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    Letting go Mandarin orchard lunch package 2015 October

    I'm letting go mandarin orchard lunch package at grange ballroom due to unforseen circumstances on 11/10/2014 (date can be changed at your preference but up to availability), per table price $1048++ for 8 course, with promotion discount of $68++ cash rebates, n total bills $288 off. Please feel...
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    Letting go aisle bridal boutique wedding package

    I'm letting go of my aisle bridal package due to unforseen circumstances. My package includes prewedding photoshoot, actual day n ROM package. Feel free to drop me a email to enquire package details [email protected]