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    The psychology of a suicidal person

    do read this if you yourself are feeling suicidal, or just to equip yourself with knowledge in case you need to help a loved one ...
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    Will you entertain

    what if your boyfriend is PERFECT in every sense of the word, except that he is also quite PERFECTIONISTIC in his expectations. let's say ... he subtly and gentlemanly hints to you that your nose could be smaller. and he has already given you his supp card .... will you do it? if you also...
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    Match made in heaven i am so inspired by this story. i think an MCP + a woman with low self-esteem would make a perfect match.
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    What will u change if you can go back in time 4, 7, 10 years

    retrospective saturday night... if you could turn go back in time to change one thing you did in respectively in three time frames - 4, 7 and 10 years ago, what will you change?
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    Anyone of you in this list?
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    Angry song for sad MOH forummers

    old song Alicia Keyes Karma listen to it, it's good ....
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    Wicked friends

    in the midst of my separation, i heard from the grapevine that certain friends of my husband are cheering the fact that we are no longer together. those particular male friends were very wicked and commented that they thought that we were wrong for each other all along. i also heard that even...
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    Advice needed on how 30 yo female can become self-made millionaire

    Profile 30 yo tertiary educated female Very fluent in English and Mandarin Above average looks No CPF No excess cash, whatever balance now, prefer to keep as savings buffer Annual income S$90,000 Present job - white collar OL. Future job - willing to consider sales. Pls help...
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    I wanna be a superstar too. i should have married a pastor.