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    WTS: Wedding Lunch Banquet at Park Royal on Beach Road

    Hi, it would be great if the date is flexible for year 2018.
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    Regent Hotel Wedding Package Deal

    Hi, please kindly PM me. Thank you!
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    Hi, I’m interested. Able to pm at [email protected] Thanks !
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    WTS: 2018 AD Bridal Package @ a good price

    Hi, Could you send more details? My email: [email protected]
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    WTS: Odelia Bridal AD Bridal Package

    Hi, can I know more details? I’m interested!! [email protected]
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    Pan Pac Sat Dinner Wedding @1208++ per table for 25 tables (Save $7000 and more!)

    Hi there, I’m interested! Able to PM me? Thanks!
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    Letting Go Pan Pacific Dinner Banquet

    Hi there, is it still available? Able to PM me? Thanks!
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    Letting go Ramada Hotel Wedding Banquet [email protected] of July 2018

    Hi, I’m interested! Able to send me the cost? Thanks!