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    Anyone into natural crystals?

    Anyone try placing Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks? Heard it boost romance and relationship (ren yuan).
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    Anyone into natural crystals?

    Hi Kitty pretty angel, Thank you for sharing. I love the blue sheen on moonstone. Do you wear to sleep?
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    Anyone play Ukulele?

    Where do you learn it? I am keen but want to know isit hard to learn? :D
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    Anyone into natural crystals?

    Hi, Just curious if anyone place any crystals at home or room? Like those purple quartz call amethyst? Heard its good to block bad feng shui.
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    Tarots cards readings

    hi li mat, can you give me the information for the professional card readers?? how much is it? I just tried an online Tarot Reading session with It was quite good..Affordable and friendly tarot card reader.
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    Tarots cards readings

    I tried the parrot picking cards by an indian woman. Nothing much really just find the parrot kinda cute. The indian aunty abit wierd when she talks and offer to do blessing for you at temples in India after I finished the $3 parrot card reading.
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    Fengshui Master

    Hi...I think those who Post Number is 1 and they start promoting someone or some does makes me feel skeptical. I appreciate those who really went to seek FSM and recommend them based on their experience.
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    TCM Healthcare and Acupuncture located at jurong west st 51

    I tried the acupuncture for my sprained neck sometime back. So far so good, it's a licensed Physician, I recovered after a few sessions. Price is very reasonable, and it's near my place. My cousin stays near Jurong, and she is keen to try the weight loss. Will feedback again from my cousin if...
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    Eczema problems

    Hi, My friend's son suffered from eczema since primary school.I remembered seeing his skin red and rough I heard that chinese medicine and acupuncture can help the itch and improve the scars. The last time I saw him, his skin has improved alot and the mum told me that he went for acupuncture...
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    Do we have to follow strict diets?
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    Aimin Acupuncture & Weight Loss Centre

    How did the doctors insert the needles? i saw on tv, some of them uses a tube? some will just insert directly without a tube..the aimin docs got use tube? is it painful?