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    Cracked Ceiling

    Hey ppl, Seeking for some advices. Previously when I got my new place, My neighbour at the unit above me had the toilet water-proofing problem and caused some water stains on my ceiling. I informed HDB and the problem was solved with goodwill by them as I got my unit from them for just a...
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    Let's talk about Food

    Lai lai been there tried that and will be going back for more. Let's share some of the good stuffs we had based on personal experience.
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    A tribute to those who moves on.

    Well, thought of starting this thread as a tribute to a lady friend of mine (and all those who moves on) although she never visit this forum. She was in a 11 years relationship with her ex-husband till they got married end of last year. In august this year, she found out that her husband had...
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    Anyone own pets?

    Anyone keep pets here and know of any good Vets to reccomend?