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    Website to book paris and london hotels

    hi can anyone recommend a good and reliable website to book paris and london hotels? tks!
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    Argh!! Lizards!

    hi ppl me feeling very fed up these few days I dun know what's gg on! But i have been killing lizards everyday! it's really very irritating and sad to say, i hate lizards cos they give me the creeps. Pls do not flame me for being cruel. But i really cannot have them crawling around my house...
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    Cooker Hobs/Hoods

    hi me looking for cooker hobs at the moment. any recommendations of good brands? most probably i will choose a 3 burner types. btw i am not planning to install cooker hood. but my parents advise other wise. But i think of the cleaning, i will get a headache. any suggestions?