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    start blacklist of MSF related organisations

    Based on experience, Fei Yue at bukit batok enables child abusers and allows them to get away with child abuse. If anyone has been assigned to have their child's case investigated there just contact me make firm request to change. Care corner, recently moved from toa payoh, has a track record...
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    Gathering men to petition against Women's Charter

    Spoke to many lawyers about divorce over the past year. My case is just sad. 1) Wife is allowed to insist on staying with her mother without moving in to matrimonial flat, holding the child hostage, and now blaming me for not contributing to the family when there was none to speak of in the...
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    Urgent - need divorce lawyer

    I got my documents served and am in a rush to hire a lawyer to settle the defence and counterclaim. Anyone can recommend a good lawyer who is honest?
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    Unreasonable behaviour from wife

    I was studying overseas for a few years while married, and just came back recently. Married for more than 3 years, with kid almost 2 years old. As I am younger than my wife, it was pretty much a rush into marriage and having a kid, as I was worried about the health risks involved. Obviously I...