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    I think the VG also will film the dinner/lunch itself right? So if you want something to watch back on, be it speeches from friends/family, or the walk-in and stuffs, then should spend lorh. Since it's once-in-a-lifetime.
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    Fengshui for the house

    Before you start a renovation because you still can let your ID know what changes you will need. Like if the FSM says to have a divider after the door, or to have your TV set-up at certain place, still can change without having to renovate again. Save money lorh. I engaged Master Ang while I was...
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    Feng Shui Master

    Can consider Yuan Zhong Siu. I booked with Master Ang (had a substantial discount because I booked at their seminar lah) but was apprehensive because of reviews online. Heng he is very informative and even gives a 2D? 3D? layout of how to place my furniture! They recommended products (think...