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    WTB - Wedding Lunch on 22 December 2019

    Hello, Am looking to buy wedding lunch package for 22 December 2019. Looking at around 25 to 30 tables. PM me if you are selling. Thanks!
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    Park Royal @ Beach Road

    Looking for a venue big enough for 45 tables and park Royal is one of our choices. Has anyone had their banquet at park Royal Beach Road? Thinking of doing lunch. Is the food good? Any other suggestions welcomed! :)
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    Post-renovation cleaning services

    Hello! I am looking to engage a post-reno cleaning company for my new place. Quite a few recommended ones. Has anyone engaged a-cube Microsystems? Would appreciate some feedbacks and if you have other better companies to recommend, that would be great! Thanks!
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    Feng Shui Master

    Hello all, I will be moving into my new place relatively fast and would like to engage a Feng shui master. I have engaged Master David Tong for my wedding dates in 2019. As I will be moving in some time in August this year, he is not free to meet me to get a date for moving in. Would like to...