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    Once married = give up your dreams?

    May I know that if once you are married( especially for women), is it true that you are "supposed" to give up your dreams? If both husband and wife don't have a common goal in life, then is the wife "supposed" to align her goal towards the husband's one?
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    Ending a Marriage

    Hi pple, I would like to seek advice as to my current situation. I've been married for 2 plus years till in Feb 2010, I've decided to stay at my parents place. I had enough of his verbal/emotional abuse as it has caused the extent of me having stressful headaches after every quarrel and thus...
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    What should I do now?

    Hi, I would like to seek some advise out there. My husband and his mother have a HDB flat. His father is a retiree. Being the only son, he is not willingly to move out. My working place is in the north east and hence the journey time to send me to work is at least half an hour from his place...
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    Applying for Divorce

    I have called a few lawyer firms. All of them rejected my case as I'm married for less than 3 years. Is there anyway to apply for divorce? My case should be quite simple. No matrimonal assets, no house, no kids and divorce is uncontested. (mutual agreement) Is there any lawyer who can do...
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    When and How do you know that a marriage is over?

    What are the signs/symptoms that indicates that a marriage is over?
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    When a husband starts lying or telling lies to his wife, is it the end of the marriage? Lies like going to work but in fact he didn't, lies like going to a certain place but in fact going to other places etc. I'm really hurt. His truth wouldn't hurt but I don't understand why he's starting to lie.
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    Divorce - Married for less than 3 years

    My case is I'm married for less than 3 years, No third party involved, no kids/assets/HDB flat involved. My concern is how to go about applying for a divorce and who bears the cost? Grounds would be based on Unreasonable Behaviour and there's no disagreement from my side or my husband's side...
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    Giving Birth - Out of Love or Out of Responsibility?

    Would u give birth to a child 'coz of love or 'coz of responsibility?
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    Buying a condominium

    May I know the procedure of buying a condominium (alone)? How much $ is needed and how to go abt buying it? I'm looking at either 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom. Pls advice. Thanx.
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    Emotional Abuse - Verbal Abuse

    Hi, pple, I'm very miserable. I've been married for slightly more than 1 year and since Day 1 after our marriage, he has been belittling and humiliating me. Can anybody advice me how to seek help for myself? Despite telling him that he has been hurting me emotionally (and also affecting my work...