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    No banquets or receptions

    Hi BTBs! Anyone here who is totally NOT keen with doing a banquet or reception? Cos I don’t feel comfortable asking my guest to go through the swab test and the 50 pax limit is just depressing. Both families already add up to 48?! So I decided to do away with all these nonsense and just a simple...
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    I can accept my bf traits cos I can tell him off if he doesn’t clear the trash. But I don’t think I can tell my FIL that. I can have an open mind but they have to be the same as well. And nope my FIL doesn’t cook at all.
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    Hopefully it’s easy. It’s not about the fact that we have to live together. It’s about the details like basic hygiene and lifestyle habits. I didn’t go into details in my previous post but yea just imagine trash not cleared, toilets not flushed and dining table not cleaned after eating. Their...
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    Yes I understand he is in a difficult situation. Will work out with him.
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    How do you identify a man who’s loyal and faithful

    I think there isn’t any checklist to identify a loyal or faithful guy. For me, responsibility and kindness are the characters that I look out for. I also feel that high sex drive may not be a bad thing as it is a key for a romantic relationship. There’s always a possibility that a guy or girl...
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    Tricky Case - In law moving in

    Hi just looking for some advice. My bf and I are currently waiting for our BTO. Just a year back, his parents went through a divorce and is intending to sell the current flat and the father will be stay together with us once the BTO is ready. I understand his filial piety. This is sudden and...
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    My boyfriend and I have been dating for close to 4 years. We are close to 30 this year. For Christmas, do you specify the gifts that you wish to get? I received a couple of cartoon character wallets from my boyfriend as a gift... I’m not sure why he did that. Probably he doesn’t know what to...