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    I'm not attracted to my gf..

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for close to one year now. We are both 28. When we met, we connected right away. We always have fun, we are always laughing when we are together. She is the sweetest girl a guy could ask for, a real girl next door type. When I think of a great mom and a...
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    What have i done to deserve this?

    My girlfriend went drinking with her colleagues, and she reassured me that nothing would happen. None of the guys took a fancy to her, she reasoned, and they were all gentlemen. She also knew her drinking limit and would not go over the limit. She also thought that I had an early morning...
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    Sexless marriage

    Yes, as per above I have encountered some issues with my wife. I am going through a sex deprived marriage like many did. The problem is, we are married for less than a year. We did have sexual encounters on and off before our marriage for the past few years and every single time it was great...
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    Would you stay in this weird marriage?

    i would like to share a story of a colleague's weird marriage life. (Well, i personally thought its rather peculiar, not sure if its a common scenario among married couples ) Recently a married female colleague joined my male-dominated company and we quickly become good friends as there are...
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    I think i'm in love

    I cant stop thinking of a girl .. how?
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    ~~ Words for Women ~~

    1.就算 ,眼å‰çš„这个男人 , åƒèˆ¬å¥½ ,万般好 , 处处是优点 , ä»–ä¸çˆ±ä½  , 这个缺点 ,你永远改å˜ä¸äº† 。 2.分手时 ,ä¸å“­ 。 当然 ,ä¸æ˜¯è¦ä½ ä¸€ç‚¹éƒ½ä¸å“­ 。 当ç€é¢ ,别哭, 背地里 ,往死里哭。 3.一个人最大的缺点...
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    I am married to a "dirty old man".

    I WILL come right out and say it - I am married to a "dirty old man". When I married him, he was a decent enough person and seemed like he would be a responsible husband and father. That was 33 years ago. Until a year ago, I still had hopes that we would grow old together, and...