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  1. user1973

    Coming clean at the end of the road

    I am not encourage to divorce, and always believe patience and sincerity could overcome everything, first of all you need to learn "禮記”, you need learn “三從四德”, you need to learn “婦道”,yes, you need to learn all that before you can share with her. But most importantly, the concept of "wealth" is...
  2. user1973

    Sexless marriage

    Based on my experience and 6th. sense, the wife already feel no interest on the husband, of course I mean not only sex but also love, there is something irritating her or worse make her vomit blood, example like the husband socks was terrible smelly or mouth bad as a husband...
  3. user1973

    Reasonable to request for more Pin Jin (bridal price)?

    Pin Jin is actually based on "heart", not exactly must compare here and there or follow market rate, of course for those who are rich you can show more your "sincerity". But most importantly, marriage is belong to both of you, those "3rd party" actually........and in fact you can take their...
  4. user1973

    What have i done to deserve this?

    sorry to hear that, a few type of girls you must learn how to avoid, if you really think of long term relationship and marriage, like bar, pub and xxxx stations. good luck buddy.