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  1. Minkishly

    Walt Disney World (Orlando) Honeymoon / Photo Shoot

    Have any of you ever gone to WDW for your honeymoon? My fiance and I are seriously considering that as our honeymoon destination. We're also considering having a short engagement portrait session in one of the parks (most probably either Epcot or Animal Kingdom). Thinking of sourcing for an...
  2. Minkishly

    Suggestions for non-alcoholic beverages for wedding toast / yum seng?

    I have a very high intolerance to alcohol where I get bad heart palpitations and headaches just from consuming about half a glass of white wine. I'm thinking that I probably shouldn't touch any alcohol at all at my wedding because I don't want to ruin the night. Because of this, I have some...
  3. Minkishly

    Troublesome groomsmen

    I'm doing a traditional march-in for my solemnization because it's always something that I've dreamed about since I was a child. My idea was to have the groomsmen link arms with my bridesmaids and walk up in pairs because I prefer how it looks compared to having them walk in separately. My...
  4. Minkishly

    ICT 2 days after AD - able to defer?

    My fiance just found out that he'll be sent for reservist for about 2 and a half weeks overseas 2 days after our AD. :( This is like the worst thing ever. Now the knowledge that he'll be leaving will be looming all over our wedding day. Plus, we probably won't be able to stay the second night in...
  5. Minkishly

    Real or Artificial Flowers for Pre-Wedding Photo shoot?

    I'm starting to plan for my prewedding shoot and was thinking that I definitely would like a bouquet. I think my bridal studio might provide some artificial bouquets, but I'd really rather get my own since I'd be able to customize things like colour, flower type etc. I'm not sure whether to go...
  6. Minkishly

    London Cab Rental for Pre-Wedding Shoot

    Hi all! We're thinking of renting a London Cab (with chauffeur) for our photo shoot because on one hand, my fiance would prefer not to drive (driving gets him in a bad mood and I don't want him to look grumpy in the photos!) plus the cab could double up as a nice prop for the shoot. Does...
  7. Minkishly

    Roving Photographer VS Photo Booth

    I'm thinking of engaging an additional photography package that will allow my guests to take home some photographs of themselves since the AD photography is usually for the bride and groom. I can't decide between engaging a roving photographer or a photo booth though. I'm scared that my guests...
  8. Minkishly

    Bra / Lingerie under wedding gown

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but what kind of lingerie would you ladies recommend for wearing under a wedding gown? I'm not the most well endowed (B cup) and I love my push up underwire bras so I feel a bit worried since I probably won't be able to wear my favourite...
  9. Minkishly

    Wedding Entertainment - Classical / Pop Pianist or Acoustic Guitar

    Does anyone know of a classical / pop pianist or an acoustic guitarist that performs at weddings? So far, all that I've found are bands or string instrument quartets when really, all I want is something understated and classy.