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    My ex-MIL is a real pain even though we don't stay together

    Just like to post my story here to tell others that don't think that living separately from your MIL would always be better after reading all the scary stories of staying with MIL. Here goes. Seriously, I have no idea what she is thinking. She claimed that she is very tired by bringing food to...
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    Do you still visit your relatives when you are divorced?

    During CNY? I used to visit them every year during CNY when I was single or married but ever since my divorce, I feel like I have no face to visit them. I am scare they would be asking about my marriage so I think the best option is to not visit them. what would you do?
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    Is regentlaw reliable?

    The cost of this law firm is the cheapest but cheap might not necessary be good. Has anyone use this law firm for their uncontested divorce before? I got no experience in looking for a good law firm. Please help. Thanks.
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    Should I contest the divorce?

    ok. So we finally decide to go for divorce but my wife is requesting for 50% of the house after selling, even though she did not pay a lot for it. Basically, she only pay $122 for the house and I paid $700 monthly for the house via CPF. I really feel that it is not fair to me. Should I contest...
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    Is this a normal marriage?

    My wife and I have been staying together but ever since the death of my father-in-law 4 months ago, she starts to stay in her mum's place and came back during the weekends. As she is the only child, initially, I think it is good for her to stay in her mum's place to take care of her. However...
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    Kids and Marriage

    Are there anybody here who are in the same dilemma as me? I am married for close to 3 years. I do not know if I want any kids. My wife said that she does not want any kids but I am struggling mentally between having kids or not having kids. I want kids because I think it completes a marriage...
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    What would happen if your wife is mentally ill?

    My wife has been diagnosed with a mental condition and it is because of her mental condition that we had not consumate our marriage. Her parents are not aware about it before marriage as they see it as part of her character and personality. It is not until when we finally get married and...
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    Advice for annulment please...

    I got married to my wife for 3 months and we have a flat together, but without any kids. We dated for about 1 year plus before getting married. After marriage and staying together, I realised that she is a little psychotic. Here are the symptoms that I realised. 1. She thinks that everyone...
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    A Divorce Guy vs A Divorce Girl

    Let's say a guy who is a divorcee and a girl who is a divorcee, who actually has a better chance of finding the other half after the divorce? In other words, who stands a better chance of getting remarried in the future?
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    What happens to hdb flat after annulment?

    Hi all, I am looking at annulment of marriage with my wife owing to non-consumation of marriage and her unreasonable behaviour by inflicting pain on me. She has violent tendencies and is always quick to verbally abusing me and my mum. We are married for about 3 months plus. No kids but we...