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    Women is not man's Partner anymore, they are our Competitor. Women Married for Survival and Social Status. Man married for love. you meet Man married a Waitress. but Women will never married Waiters. in the end, Marriage is for women, Not for Man. Marriage is a racketeering Business and...
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    Help! Husband sleep issues. What can I do?

    here : I have snoring too, because my nose spectrum deviated. After Nose Surgery make it wider, the snoring is gone... snoring can cause Stroke in the late life.....tell him....this is FACT.
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    My Affair - Help needed

    I do not dare to tell what to do, since you are married. you can not take law action against her Quietly or discreetly. many way can expose out to the public. My friend case, he told her, he will file a restraining order against her if she continues her action. this will look bad in her...
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    My Affair - Help needed
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    My Affair - Help needed nowadays people can not handle negative comment or offensive comment. that's why this law exist....if you have a PR,. but you are a victim of this harassment you may...
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    Losing Virginity

    Malisa, I have a very bad news what Religion did to human throughout History. don't be shock. you want me to show you what they support in World War 2 and Dark ages ? Christian and Islam included. nobody care you are virgin or not.
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    My Affair - Help needed

    I have meet one of this before, I block everything about her. and call for the police, it is a Harassment. soon or later it will be gone..... be careful dealing with love relationship. some people take it easy, some take it into radical level. by the way, do you know Red District means ? pay...
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    I’m feeling lost and bothered by some BTO issues

    I think the world works just fine, it is what you want is the problem.
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    40 and still single

    In today world, Married is not like before Baby Boomer Generation. I am GenXer. Generation. don't even think about having family. not to mention Millennial Generation. Without the parent Support all of these Millennial Generation will end up on the street. for your info, the last 20 years...
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    Should I continue? everything........get more polite girl much better.....I hope she is not pretty and hot.
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    Emotional Abuse - Verbal Abuse

    Whoever start the abuse in anyway, they have a bad attitude and personality......stay away from them. usually they have a very low worth of self-esteem. They fear their partner is better than them, so they have a need to make others feel bad, so they feel good about themselves, stupid, i did...
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    Sex life

    u better careful....ur man satisfy some where else....
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    In Laws, In Laws.... Different Perspective? Or just simply Bias?

    Parents when they have no activities, they always look for problem at home in respond. ask your PIL to do something in their life.....make them focus something else, except you.....
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    Marrying a work permit holder

    Lawyer always have a way.......there is many legal loophole.....They can advise you to do something from the backdoor.....
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    Should I tell him?

    I have been through this kind of relationship with very low self-esteem women. i quit it after 3 months. she always using the emotional blackmail to reassure herself. if you respond in the wrong way, it will get worse. if you respond the right way, she will think you are lying. my advise, stay...
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    checking BF/husband handphone

    Understand your feeling, but do you understand your bf feeling too ?
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    Marrying a work permit holder

    Discuss this matter with the lawyer.......
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    I don't see myself growing old with him

    kind of strange for all couple problems.....did they see it when they are in initial dating ? what kind of person their spouses ?
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    Sex life

    Check his computer if he save any particular pic...follow the way the pic will get his attention.