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    Brand new LED candle lights, False flower petals, bow ties etc for sale

    Hello, I'm selling a few items. Please kindly PM if interested :) Apart from the flower petals, I prefer to meet up around Ang Mo Kio to deal. Thank you! Contact for more photos Artificial flower petals, brand new, Approximately 4cm in size Comes in a packet as per photo, ~120 petals per pack...
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    MUA false eyelash

    Hello BTBs (and grooms if you're out there) I'd just like to check on personal experiences/hearsay here regarding the use of your own false eyelash/ampoules etc especially from brides that have signed up with Rico A mona. I've read that some MUAs will not be happy if you bring your own, I'm...
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    ROM, tea ceremony and AD clarification

    Hi Guys, I'm super confused about these 3 things and the order. Is tea ceremony the same thing as when the groom goes and pick the bride up from her house? 1. Am I right to say that the bridesmaids/groomsmen will be needed for the tea ceremony (if it's the one that involves picking the bride...