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    Height for OTR mermaid gowns

    Actually length is not the most important factor to worry about when deciding if you would want a mermaid gown. Personally i feel body shape is the most important. I am a person with short torso and mermaid gown is a no no for me. I look like a rectangle box when I tired on it. I am around 163cm...
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    Anyone can intro ?

    I don't know if you believe in tcm. Because I had the same problem and I went to try tcm and the doctor told me that my lungs are weak and therefore scars will take a very very Long time to heal.
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    Equal split vs guy bears more of the cost

    My mom actually asked for 10 banquet tables from my in-laws. I feel a bit paiseh but they actually agreed. They are just a middle income family. So I think I will pay more for my bridal package and maybe for AD photography.
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    Rico A Mona bride

    They are only willing to deduct a v v small Amt :(
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Hello! The MUA is included in my package but I think I will look for my own MUA due to all these surcharges as well.
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    Perhaps you could ask him for the reasons that he doesn't want to get married so soon? It might be due to financial issues or that he thinks that since your bto is coming in 2years time, then both of you could settle everything at once. I totally understand how you feel because it's like one...
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    4th time bridesmaid

    It depends on how superstitious you are. My fengshui master told me there's no such things as "can't attend someone's wedding if you yourself is getting married within 3/6 Mths". She added it's something auspicious and there's no reason that you can't attend. However, she said we can't attend...
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    Any JP to recommend?

    I had him for my rom in October 2016. He's a very nice person and yes he's bilingual.
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Oh no! I don't like those who has their own preference and style because ultimately the make up and hairdo will be done on us and not them. My Friend had this experience from her pre wed shoot with a MUA as well. The MUA turned black faced when my Friend asked her if she could change her hairdo...
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Yup I managed to go down to see her work but there's not much because the person in charge told me they did not keep samples of her work as they have a few MUA. Thanks :)
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    Who should I invite for my banquet dinner?

    Hi I am writing this as I am in a dilemma on which friends to invite for my banquet. I held my rom a few months back in a country club ballroom where I paid about $60 per pax. I invited about 60 close friends in all. Guess what? I had 4 friends who came empty handed >_<" and a few who gave me...
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    Hi! I have not attended any weddings at Chijmes but you are right. I think the guests will definitely give lesser Ang Bao because I heard from friends that they usually give $50 for church weddings. Just to let you know, from my ROM experience at a county club ballroom where I paid almost $60...
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Do u have any sample of Milly's make up? :) thanks !
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    June 2017 Wedding

    Mine's also on 8th June ! It's a good date! [emoji4]
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Hi I have signed up for Rico AD a few months ago. Wonder how is the skills of the MUA there? I tried to search online and I find their work average only :(. Any advice? Thanks!