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    Brand New Wedding Gowns

    How much is it? Is it available for rent? What is the size?
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    Brand New Wedding Gowns

    Hi.. is the golden shiny one still available?
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    Letting go Dinner Banquet, AD Photographer, Photobooth, MUA - 7 Oct

    Hi.. the photobooth date cannot be changed? As my wedding at end of December 2017. If cannot, can let me know if who is the vendor for photobooth? Thanks.
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    Letting go Rico-a-Mona Gown Package

    Hi.. is it still available? u mean the package can be used for both actual day and pre wedding overseas or can choose either one?
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Hi I am new here and looking for actual day wedding package at Rico. Would you mind sharing your packages to me? Please email me: [email protected] Thanks a lot.