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    Treehouse/ Playhouse

    Hi. Has anyone done a treehouse/ outdoor playhouse for kids in Singapore? I tried googling but there's not much local information. Thanks.
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    A smoke-free Singapore?
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    Doting ILs

    Since there are many threads on 'monster' in-laws, i wanted to start one on a positive note and let others know that there are ILs that are wonderful. My mother-in-law I went to stay with the husband (then-boyfriend) at his apartment in 2005. it was my first time travelling outside of asia...
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    For the Clueless

    Birth Control: More Education needed 1 in 4 women who're not ready for babies fails to take preventive steps: Poll Over one-quarter of sexually active young women not prepared for motherhood still avoid using birth control, a new survey has found. The numbers suggest more has to be done...