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    Wedding Banquet and Vendors Review

    I have created this post to let you girls share your past reviews for your wedding. Let me start with mine :) I had finally graduated on Feb 2017 and would like to recommend my awesome vendors to you girls. 1. Banquet Venue: Temasek Club (4/5) My coordinator was responsive with my request as...
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    Temasek Club

    Hihi just wondering if there is any bride who took up the package at Temasek club with them? How was the service and food and vila?
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    Disappointed - Raffles Marina

    Our wedding date was clashed with another couple (who booked a bigger ballroom). Hence, the indoor atrium with window view of yacht was already booked. We asked on event it is raining on our AD for our outdoor solemisation and yacht march in, the sales person promised to waive the venue fee...
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    Customise Wedding Heels

    Hi all, Anyone have any recommendation to customise wedding heels? Budget about $100 to $150
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    When to buy resale?

    Hi, My ROM and wedding banquet will be on 25 feb 2017. Just wondering when will be a good time to start choosing re sale house? Anyone have similar scenario before in buying house way earlier than wedding date?
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    When to choose my gown? My Bridal Room

    Hihi, just to check when will be a good time to choose my gown with My Bridal Room as I would like to plan my photoshoot at August or September this year. I booked end of Feb to choose my gown. Will it be too early?
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    Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club

    Hi all, I am currently considering Singapore Yacht Club to host my wedding banquet. Just wondering if anyone hosted there before and hows the review like? I been there and the package is very reasonable for chinese package frm 788 to 888+++
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    Pre Wedding photoshoot location SG

    Hi all, Just wondering if you guys have any recommendation of pre wedding photoshoot in SG? Looking for somewhere more unique and not the typical wedding locations
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    Looking for ROM Videographer (Newbie welcome)

    Hi all, I am looking for Videographer on the day of my ROM for gatecrash and morning session which will be next year June to September and be my photographer for wedding lunch 12 to 2pm. My budget is less than $600 actually. Hence, I do not mind newbie to help me with video and photos...
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    Buying over Bridal Package from JB

    Hi all, I am looking to take over Bridal Package from JB like Venus as I will be getting married next year. Please email me the details of package and how much are you willing to let go. My email is [email protected] Thank you
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    Buying Knee Length and above gowns

    Hi all, I will be getting married next year and I would like to ask is anyone selling or renting knee length and above gowns? I need a gown for my photoshoot in Bali next year. I need UK size 10 to 12 gown. Please email me at [email protected] Sample pictures as below:
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    Wedding Bridal Package - JB and Purchase Gown

    Hi all, I will be getting married last half next year. I have been considering the option of looking at boutiques at JB as it cost 5 to 7kRM which is practically less than 3k SGD. At the moment, I have only considered Venus Bridal. Is there any other Bridal shop to recommend? I prefer those...