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  1. J_Xuan

    For Sale Cheap > Brand New/Pre-owned Items , Wedding Ring Pillow , Dress, Bags etc.

    6. <brand new with tag> Perlini mini handbag (purple) - S$11.00 - SOLD
  2. J_Xuan

    For Sale Cheap > Brand New/Pre-owned Items , Wedding Ring Pillow , Dress, Bags etc.

    Hi all! I have a couple of brand new/pre-owned items to let go for a very low price (most of them , more than 50% off original price) - all at S$15.00 and below..... 1.<used once> Wedding Ring Pillow from Precious Thots - S$15.00 2.<new condition> The Golden Book of Desserts (600 + Page...
  3. J_Xuan

    HELP! Advise needed for debts owing to bank :(

    TS maybe you can visit your MP or any free legal clinic to ask for advise. I remember hearing that the government/grassroots etc have started free legal clinics in certain areas. Perhaps you could do a check online. Meanwhile do search for a job , jobs are everywhere, maybe if you lower your...
  4. J_Xuan

    WTS Cheap! >BRAND NEW Sony S Frame - Digital Photo frame .. Play your wedding photos!

    Brand New Condition! Protected in plastic wrap , have not been used before, taken out just for photo taking for Ad - Selling for only S$60.00 (Not inclusive of delivery) - Original Retail Price : $129.00 S Frame comes with accessories like : AC Adaptor, Wireless Remote & Stand It also comes...
  5. J_Xuan

    WTS Cheap! > Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero Band Set (Used)

    <USED> Guitar Hero Band Set For Sale! Kindly Note : 1) All items are in working condition 2) Aesthetic (Exterior) Condition: 6.5-7/10 ; Definitely not brand new looking 3) Set consists of a guitar , a drumset and a mic , all tested on 23/03/13 and confirm working 4) The friction pad under the...
  6. J_Xuan

    Any brides regretted having a too simple ROM/wedding?

    I had my wedding in 2011... I was also very sian then because I had to plan for everything... twice! Once for our ROM and another major one which was my A.D.... which were held on different days I had to think of every possible scenario and plan for every meagre thing while my now husband just...
  7. J_Xuan

    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Would like to share my wonderful experience at Mandarin Orchard although my wedding was like over a year ago. Frankly speaking it was really a pain checking out so many hotels and communicating with so many "unresponsive" or "rude" sales managers. Our search ended after I dropped Mandarin...
  8. J_Xuan

    WTS> Daniel Yam ROM Tube Tea Dress , Americaya Black Formal Shoes

    WTS> Daniel Yam ROM Tube Dress @ S$65.00 (Inclusive of registered mail) Size M , Cream Colour (not white) Bought it for my ROM from Daniel Yam @ Tangs for S$148.00 Worn twice & Dry Washed - ROM & Photoshoot Condition : 7.5/10 , no significant flaws. There's also a mild perfume scent on the...
  9. J_Xuan

    Too soon to get married?

    doraemon333, Maybe you can bring her a on a long holiday (say 8-12 days) , being away from home and living together for a stretch of 2 weeks can accelerate your understanding of her personality and habits. Then perhaps after which, you should make a decision whether to proceed with the...
  10. J_Xuan

    Would you stay in this weird marriage?

    i guess not every marriage remains full of bliss for lifetime. For some couples, at some stage in life, it becomes more like companionship or commitment.... There's no way a woman can heal perfectly after being deceived by her husband and you are right to say that a part of her has died...