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  1. Evanescant

    Galia Lahav Aurora Gown UK8

    Unworn, unaltered, genuine Galia Lahav dress bought from The Proposal. Willing to sell for 7.5k (slightly negotiable). Open to half-day rentals for photoshoots (any alterations before hand and dry-cleaning after to be at your...
  2. Evanescant

    Monti wedding dinner package, Dec 2021

    We have a Saturday dinner package at Monti on 4 Dec 2021, which we are willing to let go because we actually already got married last year. Pax confirmed: 140 (based on estimated allowance of 8pax per table in Dec 2021. Package was originally for 170pax, so the extra value can be used to top...
  3. Evanescant

    Galia Lahav

    The is an unworn, unaltered, genuine Galia Lahav dress. Was going to wear it for my wedding, but since I’m changing it to just a small solemnisation ceremony, I’m going for a simpler gown instead. Which is really a shame because this gown is gorgeous! The cutting and lace detailing is very...