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    Infidelity, Divorce, and Moving on

    some people are toxic and manipulative. ur hubby is one such guy. either u can play the game or if not, reconsider ur options. when someone is in the wrong, one jolly well own up and apologise. He is really a piece of crap
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    i really want kids. But i dun think its a good idea to have them when the marriage is bad.
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    Confusion over lack of Sex in Marriage

    when ur pretty gf or wife is super Guai Lan, im sure u dun feel turn on also
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    Should I divorce over a lazy husband?

    im having problems in my marriage (childless) and some ppl tell me to have a kid to solve the problem. I think it is a very bad idea. Solve the root of the ur problem and dun try to have a kid just to make things better. If ur marriage isnt good before the child, chances are it will get worse...
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    u really hit me hard with this advice. appreciate it
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    very bad advice
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    Devastated and Lost

    im gg thro the same thing, combing the forums locally and overseas and see what others are doing. and frankly im still lost.
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    this sounds like me. guilty lolx
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    i cant deny i married my wife like its a natural progression. having second tots now tbh. but i also realised in life we dun get everything we want. i dunno if we are supposed to compromise and settle or YOLO
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    Is there such thing as a happy marriage?

    firstly i do believe there are happy couples, but seems like most people have problems in their marriage. I have problems with mine and some days i wake up really depressed. I feel stuck but im also wondering if its becos i didnt do enough. im wondering out there how many ppl really have happy...
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    Can I still salvage my marriage?

    i have lotsa differences with wife too. different thinking and diff work competencies. sometimes i wonder if its my own problem or its a common problems for many. do we work out the differences or move on with life alone? honestly i dun think anyone knows the answer
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    Confusion over lack of Sex in Marriage

    im in the same situation as u. never expect to be in a sexless marriage. We cannot have sex (she finds it super pain) and im sexually frustrated. We dun have third parties but it just doesnt seem complete. but emotionally we are always there for each other . sucky situation for me
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    Devastated and Lost

    same here. loveless marriage
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    Ever dealt with a spouse with borderline personality disorder?

    the sucky thing about marriage is we have to take vows before marriage and find out more about our parents AFTER the marriage. Its not easy to see someone thro
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    Hb and porn, pls advice

    i can assure u all guys watch porn. pls dun equate this to not loving u.
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    I can't live with my mil anymore..

    historically (literally since ancient times) MIL usually dun have good rs with DIL. nothing much to be done about this. But hopes this makes u feel better. Reason is, mummy sees DIL as stealing their precious boys. To win favours, you need to remind ur hubby's filial duties to his mum to...
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    Micro Needs Help Saving Marriage

    i kid u not, i have a slightly bigger one and i cannot penetrate my wife who is smaller than usual. it freaking sucks
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    Dying Inside and Lost

    Im hitting 40 soon and i have been married for around 3 years to my current wife (dated a few years before marriage) Never had sex with her. We tried once long time ago, didnt succeed and experience was bad. I gave up. And also, i dun think i love her. And you might ask, why did i marry her...