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    Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

    Hi bth, I was assign to JG too but she is ok leh.. Btw, did u manage to get any special perks? I Wan to get an extra helper rooms but not possible..
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    White by Vera Wang Tricolored Draped Wedding Dress

    Hi there, is it possible to take alook at the dress before I make an offering? Because I do not know if the dress does fit for me. When are you able to meet?
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    White by Vera Wang Tricolored Draped Wedding Dress

    Hi there, is this dress still available?
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    wedding gown for sale

    Hi, can u advise where did u purchase this gown?
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    Mia Solano white gown(used) to let go

    Hi there, What's the size of this town? Thanks!
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    Letting go Wedding Dinner Banquet @ Marina Bay Sands (VIP deal)

    Hi there, can you kindly drop me a mail on the menu that you have chosen? Also, isn't it suppose to be 10% discount rather than 5%? Thanks!
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    Wts movie director clapper board

    hi is this still available? if so can u contact me at [email protected] thanks!
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    wedding gown for sale

    hi! are u able to advise the measurements of the gown? kindly send it to [email protected] thanks!
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    Letting Go an Actual Day package @ $2500 ONLY (ALL IN)( 4 Gowns (MTM), 3 suits ) + AD Photography)

    Hi there, can i know which bridal shop this is from? and also when is the package going to expire? thanks.
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    Letting go: Wedding dinner package at Marina Bay Sands

    Hi there, is this package still available? kindly email me with all the details at [email protected] thanks..