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    Plus size bride

    Hi, you may try blooming bride.
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    Reviews for Carlton Hotel & Park Royal Kitchener

    Hi, pls review on PR Kitchener food and service. Also, was your banquet at emerald or Jade ballroom ?
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    WTS Bqueen Bridal Package

    Hi I'm interested pls pm
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    WTS Wedding Photoshoot & Actual Day Package

    Hi is this still available ?
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    WTS PWS+AD package at Gown Forestry

    Hi is this package still available ? Hi, still available ? Pls pm thanks.
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    WTS: La Fatte Pre Wedding Photoshoot Package

    Hi is this package still available ?
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    WTS AD gown + PWS package

    Hi is the AD package still available ?
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    Wedding Lunch recommendation for 50pax

    Hi, pls advise any recommendations for wedding lunch for approx 50pax with less than $8k ?