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    Need recommendations for dry cleaning of gown

    Hi all, need some help. due to personal reasons, i got a gown for canceling the package i signed with the bridal studio. Found some yellow stains at the bottom of the dress, went back to shop but they wont help me. Need advice on what to do as i need to wear that for my AD.
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    Need help! Ideas for lunch buffet after rom (11am)

    Hi BTBs, Appreciate if could recommend some areas for 15pax. :)
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    wedding package in JB to let go

    I have a package worth 4.5K rm+ to get go. Have paid 2.5k . looking to let go at 2.3k rm. Please pm me for more info, if interested.
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    I have a pre wed package now, and a close recently offered me her close friend bridal services. Should i let go of my current package or try to convert to AD package? current pre-wed package is in JB. Any recommendations/advice?
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    LF> Dinner packages in 2017/2018

    Interested in looking at dinner package for 2017/2018. Can email me at [email protected]