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    Letting go: At least 25% discount on wedding/event package at Shangrila

    Dear all, Thought of hosting your wedding at the Shangrila? Here is a good offer for you. I am looking to let go of my wedding event package at the Shangrila. The event has to take place ideally by 31 December 2018 with some exceptions that could be sought for before 31 March 2019. Given...
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    Wedding / Event Credit at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore at Orange Grove Road (now-March'19)

    Hi, Want to save some money on your upcoming wedding or event? This is a S$17,184 hotel event credit at the Shangri-La Singapore hotel, but I'm selling it for just S$15,000. Negotiable. Read more for info ----- Cash Discount for your event / wedding booking - Are you considering holding your...