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    Regent Hotel Referral

    Hi girls (and guys)! Just had my wedding at Regent and I must say the experience has been really great! Interested brides to be can PM me for a referral perk! Please note that you must not have made contact/an enquiry to the hotel to be eligible for this referral perk!
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    Letting go of PWS and cocktail dresses

    Letting go of the following PWS and cocktail dresses. 1. Red Zuza cocktail dress - $100 XS. Bought for $180 from Tangs, only worn once. Dress has 3D flowers and is very flattering. I received many compliments on the day. 2. Pastel Pink The Closet Lover Dress - $25 S. Only worn once, suitable...
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    Recommendations on Credit Card for Wedding Banquets

    Hi Brides and Future Grooms to be! I would like to share some recommendations on credit cards for wedding banquets, especially since couples would be spending more than $20,000 for the event. I used three cards - UOB One, Citi Premiere Miles and Krisflyer AMEX. PM me for referral for Citi or...
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    Looking for Actual Day photographer!

    Hi all! I’m looking for an actual day photographer in August! Will need between 8-10hours of photography service. Ideally at a good rate below $2000. Pls PM if you have any available. Thank you!
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    Regent Hotel Referral

    Hi BTB! I have a referral programme for Regent Hotel. If you are interested to sign a banquet lunch or dinner with Regent, pls PM me. You will receive a complimentary one night stay in premium room on your wedding day! [Super useful for bridesmaid and helpers!] I will receive a dinner...
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    Looking at 2019 Banquet venue

    Hi, my fiancé and I are looking to hold our wedding preferably in the second half of 2019. Pls PM or email at [email protected] if you have existing packages. Thks!