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    Dying Inside and Lost

    Kids bring you happiness even your close buddy also can't give. With kid, you learn and re-learn old and new things. The cute little shoes, cute little school bags, everything is a mini human under construction. You get to celebrate festivals that are long dead in you eg. teacher's day...
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    This is so negative and irresponsible advice. Maybe you have suffered from a bad divorce yourself ? It is not right for you to advise others not to take marriage seriously.
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    There seem to be alot of guessing here. It seem to be all about you think and feel. Have you asked him right in the face whether he loves you ? There is a severe communication breakdown. Don't guess and think. You can guess and think during dating times but marriage need you to be blunt with...
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    Anger and Domestic Violence

    Haven't married yet ? Just break off with her. Anyway, why be someone you won't be happy for life ?? You worry about the house thing ? What is a house compared to a lifetime of happiness ? Go find a better woman. Be a man and snap out of it. Don't let those who truly care for you worry for you.
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    Revenge on the home wrecker

    Don't do rash things that only make you regret all the more. Bad for your mental health and will ruin your life.
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    Revenge on the home wrecker

    Since the three of you have already known one another, the best thing to do is to sit around a table and talk things out. Clarify what your concerns are eg. Still want to keep in touch etc, just about anything that bothers you. Don't fall into the trap of revenge. It won't work and will...
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    Revenge on the home wrecker

    Please do not do the posting of contact number thing. It will turn out the divorcee is the victim instead of you. If you can, make arrangement to sit down with your husband and her and the three of you talk it all out.
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    should i really get a divorce ?

    So you are saying your hubby is a nice guy and you do not wish to pick on anything but he does not help take care of the baby and keep playing games and you don't know to divorce him or not ? Why not you quit your job and be a full time mother instead of feeling sorry for your mother and...
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    No sisters or jie mei for my wedding

    How to play games like that?
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    HELP !!!!Toning up/buff up and putting on more 'meat'

    Hi Diana, I can't send a pm to you. So may I know what is the programm and the price?
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    HELP !!!!Toning up/buff up and putting on more 'meat'

    I am unhealthily slim and look frail. How to tone up and buff up and put on more 'meat' on my upper body in order to look good when putting on gown? My collar bones are super prominent and I can see lines around my thin neck. Can swimming help? How long it takes to see the effect?