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    BNIB TODs Sunglasses for Sale

    Brand new TODs sunglasses for sale. Got it as a gift but didn't like it. Model: Tod's TO151 59F Sunglasses Lens width: 52 millimeters Arm: 140 millimeters Selling for 300 SGD.
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    HI All, any samples to share?
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    Mother of Bride gown?

    Usually, where would your mommy get her gown or evening dress from? any recommendation? My mommy is not the perfect model figure. But on the plump side.
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    Nu bra?

    Hi BTB, i know this sounds weird. But is there any brands recommendation for Nu Bra? Any idea where to get? TIA! Am totally lost on this..
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    Need advice: What type of Alcohol do you provide in your wedding?

    Would it be weird if I just provide Beer and no Wine & hard liquor?
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    pre-wedding photography... how much is consider decent?

    sighz.. I am just so torn in finding a free lance pre-wedding photographer or the studio package one for overseas shooting. Partially torn is because of the cost itself is pretty high and free lance one, doesn't include the gowns... But but... I like what I see in their portfolio. haiz. is...
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    Victorian style wedding gown

    HiHi... Any idea which bridal shop have more selection of the victorian style wedding gown? Am still shortlisting which bridal shop to visit.. thanks all!
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    buy Gowns from US or rent in SG

    Any advice? Do you think is worth it to buy the gowns from US rather than renting in SG? Who have experience to share? TIA!
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    [Nature's republic] masks for sale